Life Before Birth


Quick Facts About Fetal Development

  • The heart begins to beat just 21 days after fertilization, or 5 weeks after the mother’s last menstrual period began.
  • At 8 weeks, the embryo can respond to touch by reflex.
  • At 10 weeks, for the first time in development, the brain can make the muscles move on purpose.
  • By 18 weeks, fetal movement can usually be felt by the mother.
  • At 22 weeks, the baby is about 11 inches long and weighs about 1 pound.

For more information regarding pregnancy and fetal develop, feel free to check out the following links.  Remember, the best information regarding your personal health always comes from your personal doctor. 


If you think you might be pregnant, call today to schedule your free appointment. We recognize that only you can make the choices regarding your pregnancy. We were founded to assist you in making an informed decision. Pregnancy Resources offers services to all regardless of race, national origin, age, religious affiliation or marital status. Pregnancy Resources does not offer abortion services or abortion referrals. *This information is intended for general purposes only and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional advice or consultation with a licensed medical provider.*

Seven Weeks

Eight Weeks

Twelve Weeks

Pregnancy Resources does not refer for or provide abortions. 



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